What is Squirrel Fest?

Squirrel Fest is a brand new festival set in Minnesota's new kick ass trail system in the Cuyuna County Recreational Area near Crosby.

When is it? July 15th through the 17th.

Where is it? We will be camping in Portsmouth Campground.

Why? Because this new trail system is too awesome not to ride with your friends and like-minded people. With 30+ miles of new trail to explore, whats not to love?

Friday, April 22, 2011

REGISTER HERE:  https://salsa24reg.secure-ngin.com/register/form/381907932

                            SQUIRREL FEST SCHEDULE:

                Friday Night: 3pm to when you show up.
                   Build squirrel nests...aka erect tents.

                            Registration 4-6:30pm
       Meet and greet at the squirrel headquarters. 6-9pm.

                            Group Ride 10-12pm
        Fast squirrels, Lady Squirrels, Touring squirrels.

                               Group Ride 2-4pm
          Fast squirrels, Lady Squirrels, Touring squirrels.

                                Eats and treats!
 Chips, Dips, Redneck Fondue, and the Vegan nightmare! Bring
                              your favorite dip!
What’s the Vegan nightmare? Bring the most outrageous bacon filled nightmare you can dream up! Surprise us and win a prize!
                    Disclaimer! Must be edible and yummy!

                              Big Wheel Nut Drop….
                        This will be a day of surprise!

                                   Squirrel Sled..
Have more in the tank? Did you drop your nuts? Let’s take it up
                       a notch! Here are some details.
Miniature bike, a sled, and the desire to pedal until you puke! Do you have what it takes?
   Can you pedal longer than your fellow squirrels? Game on!

      Gather around the fire and speak of nuts lost and loved!

Tired of biking? How about a night hike! Simple short hike for

                         Let’s sleep in, we earned it!

                           Group ride everyone!
              2-4pm Clean up, pack up, and head out!
      Let’s leave the place cleaner than it was when we arrived!

                    Thanks for coming, see you next year!


  1. Is the campground subject to closure if there is a state shut down? Back up plan?

  2. So, would this event be family friendly??
    or leave the family at home and plan on getting nutty???
    Thank you for your time!!

    Peace, Joboo

  3. Joboo, it's both. When the sun goes down put the family to bed and break out your nuttiness!

    In all seriousness, I doubt things will get too crazy. There are a couple of families planning on attending. So, no worries!

  4. Thank you for the timely response!!


  5. How about an update on what happens if the MN gov't shutdown is still in effect, ie, will the Cuyuna trails still be open for riding?

    I'm assuming the Portsmouth Campground will be closed/off limits.

  6. The trails are open, and we are working on a back up plan for camping. I am heading up this weekend to nail down the last of the details. Thanks for asking!

  7. Hi DmacBmac,

    What did you find out?

    I found a tent site in the Crosby City Park for Friday night and am hoping we can come up with something for Saturday night.

  8. Please send me a email Griff. donaldmacnaughton@gmail.com

  9. Don, I've blogged the event with some photos:

    Squirrel Fest Mountain Bike Festival at Cuyuna